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Watercourse Inspection and Penstock Repair

 Survey Report

January 2019

Saltford Brass Mill Project
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Western Chamber, Penstock W4 and Sealed Culvert W3.
  10 October 2018
Survey Report

In the summer of 2018, B&NES provided funding to dewater the upstream watercourses of Saltford Brass Mill to enable inspection of the normally flooded structures and repair a penstock gate which had been deteriorating over a number of years.  This was an opportune time as B&NES had recently acquired a laser scanning capability for the survey of structures in the city of Bath which they were able to deploy at Saltford.  One of the SBMP volunteers also had access to an aerial drone and the combined capabilities enabled a thorough survey of the mill to be undertaken.

The upstream watercourses had not been dewatered in many years.  This opportunity therefore enabled a full survey of the watercourses to be conducted and accurate measurements of the mill, both above and below ground, to be taken by a combination of conventional surveying techniques, use of the laser scanner and aerial scan by drone.  An accurate 2D plan of the mill has been produced, drawing upon the 3D point-cloud model of the mill produced by the laser scan.  Much potential exists for further analysis of the point-cloud model of the mill.

A report of the survey and repair is at the link which documents the work carried out by the Saltford Brass Mill Project in October 2018, comprising:

*   De-watering of the mill’s upstream, normally flooded, watercourses.
*   Survey of the mill’s watercourses.
*   Repair of the penstock gate in watercourse W1.

Survey Report (printable document)