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Talks and Events
The Saltford Brass Mill Project deliver talks on the Avon Valley Brass Industry to local history and heritage groups, family history societies and other interested organisations.
Three talks on Saltford Brass Mill and the Avon Valley Brass Industry are available:
Click on the boxes below to read a synopsis of each of the talks:
The Early Avon Valley Copper and Brass Industry - 1690 to 1740
The Later Avon Valley Copper and Brass Industry - 1740 to 1925
John Padmore - 18th Century Engineer and Polymath
The Restoration and Maintenance of an 18th Century Mill
Four Mills in Lyncombe and Widcombe, Bath - 1086 to 1950
Two further talks on the related subjects are also available on the 18th Century engineer, John Padmore, and development of water power in the Avon Valley
2020 Programme of Talks and Events
Day Date Time Title Group Venue
Sat 18-Jan-20 14:00 The Ingenious Mr Padmore Bristol History & Archaeology Society Monica Wills House, Cromwell Street, Bristol BS3 3NH
Thurs 13-Feb-20 19:30 The Early Avon Brass Industry BIAS  
Wed 11-Mar-20 19:30 The Early Avon Brass Industry Blagdon LHS Court Lodge
Thurs 14-May-20 14:30 Visit Bitton Parish History Group  
Wed 20-May-20   Visit Frampton Cotterell Local History Society  
Thurs 30-Jul-20 19:30 The Early Avon Brass Industry Brislington History Society St. Cuthbert’s Church Crypt
Sandy Park Road, Brislington, BS4 4PG
Thurs 27-Aug-20 11:00 Visit Brislington History Society  
Tues 22-Sep-20   The Early Avon Brass Industry Institute of Advanced Motorists BAWA Filton 
Mon 28-Sep-20 19:30 The Ingenious Mr Padmore Bathford Society Bathford Parish Hall
58 Church Street, BA1 7TU 
Tues 13-Oct-20   The Art of Submarine Control South Gloucester Probus